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Mapping of ecosystemic functions and ecosystem services tutorial

This tutorial explains the concepts and methods of some of the indicators/indexes/models proposed by ECOSER, for the functions and ecosystem services mapping. An applied example is provided.

In this tutorial, the indexes/models are presented in a simple and interactive way in the format of ArcToolbox from ArcGIS. However, the maps can be built with other software, by following the methods described here. As an example, we are going to use a basin from the southeast of the Province of Buenos Aires (Argentina). For this example, we provide all the necessary layers to execute each ArcToolbox.

To execute the ArcToolboces you need:

-    ArcGIS 9.x (Service Pack 3 or 4) or the newer version ArcGIS 10 (Service Pack 1).
-    Level license ArcINFO to execute some of the models.
-    The Spatial Analyst extension.
-    Python 2.5 or superior. This is normally installed automatically as part of ArcGIS.

A basic to intermediate level of ArcGIS is required for the implementation of the indexes/models. Python programming expertise is not required.

NOTE: with one of the download buttons you download the tutorial document and with the other a folder compressed with the GIS for the exercises. The Arctoolbox ECOSER 2.x is downloaded in the Tools tab.

Tutorial for ECOSER partners

Tutorial for the proposal and incorporation of new functions in the ECOSER protocol

Benefit mapping tutorial

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Publication nameDownload
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